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The Band

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Lee Elderton - Hortator
Soprano, Alto & Baritone Saxophones, Flute, Dopplerophone

photo of Lee Elderton performing on Soprano Saxophone Lee Elderton has been the featured soloist of concerti and solo works with many University and High School Wind Symphonies throught Southern California. In addition to his extraordinary skills as a classical saxophonist, Elderton is one of Southern California's most exciting and sought-after jazz players. His jazz performances and recordings with the Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine and Bobby Caldwell's album Blue Condition showcase his big band skills while his recordings with the improvisational group Return to One, Elderton/Hubbard Duo, and Zappa alumnus Mike Keneally, display his modern improvisational creativity. Elderton is also the webmaster for Return To One. He has studied Conducting with Luis Gonzalez and Saxophone with Steve Alaniz, Charlie Richard and Kelly Hart-Jenkins. Mr. Elderton teaches saxophone, flute, and clarinet in his private studio. Send him an email at:

Ward Baxter - Navigator
Tenor & Baritone Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Live Electronics

photo of Ward Baxter performing on Bass Clarinet In addition to his improvisational work with Return To One, Ward Baxter is heavily involved in the classical repertoire for tenor saxophone, as well as composition and arranging in a myriad of genres. His interest and expertise in classical, jazz, avant-garde, Latin and other ethnic musics provide a foundation for both his performance with, and compositions for Return To One. In addition to work with Return To One and Spectrum saxophone quartet, he currently serves as staff arranger for Big Time Operator, the Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine, Un Solo Son, and the San Diego Saxophone Orchestra. Baxter performs throughout southern California with more than a dozen ensembles, and has numerous recordings to his credit. Baxter has also put together the artwork and design layout for all of Return To One's CD's. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Tenor Saxophone Performance from San Diego State University. Along with the saxophone, Baxter performs and teaches flutes and clarinets, with an affinity for improvised music. Send him an email at:

Justin Grinnell - Oarsman
Bass, Electronics, Hair

photo of Justin Grinnell performing on Bass Justin Grinnell's bio is in the works. If you'd like to hear more about him email him and ask him for it. Perhaps you will have better luck getting him to write one.

Nathan Hubbard - Narrator
Percussion, Live Electronics

photo of Nathan Hubbard performing on percussion and electronics Percussionist Nathan Hubbard is the founding member of Return To One. He is also the main composer for RTO, with his compositions spanning from solo and duo pieces, chamber works for the quartet as well as electronic tape pieces and multi ensemble pieces. Hubbard has produced each of the quartet's three CD's. In addition to his work with Return To One, Hubbard has performed and/or recorded with George Lewis, Rick Helzer, Holly Hoffman, Mike Keneally, Anthony Davis, Mike Wofford, J.D. Parran, and many others. Mr. Hubbard has studied with Pat Pfiffner, Mark Lamson, Danlee Mitchell, Rick Helzer and Brad Dutz. As well as being an active member of the TrummerFlora Collective (a collective of improvisors based out of San Diego), he currently splits his time between solo recitals, NOD (a found percussion junk trio), Quibble (noise trio), the quartets Return to One and Cosmologic, and the twenty two member Skeleton Key Orchestra. Nathan can be reached at