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Spectrum Quartet • San Diego based saxophone quartet
Cosmologic • San Diego based free-jazz quartet
Mosthumbz • San Francisco improvisation trio
Mike Keneally • Lee Elderton's favorite guitarist
Marcelo Radulovich • Nathan's favorite artist
Trummerflora • experimental improvised music in San Diego
Jason Robinson • local improvising musician
Hans Fjellestad • San Diego based improviser/composer
Head On Off
Bill Horist • Seattle's best dressed man
Michael Dessen
Important People
Ronald Shannon Jackson
Wadada Leo Smith

"I think only in America could a person of Leo Smith's talent not be recognized. I think Leo Smith is a genius, and whenever the thrust of his work becomes known, then he will get the respect he deserves. I only hope it will happen while he's on this planet. Leo and I basically grew up together in the AACM. We would study scores, we were always writing, composing, day-dreaming about new projects. I have never known a time when Leo Smith was not developing something...The man is a genius."
-- Anthony Braxton

Ornette Coleman
Bill Dixon
George Lewis

"George Lewis, one of Eli's Chosen Few, Basic and Braxton, pewmate of Al "the Great Gatemouth" Grey, and the latest proselyte of Windy City ensembleering to invade Gotham. Coleman Hawkins once said everybody from out-of-town sounds funny when they get to New York. George came here to bicentailgate and, ever since, New York has sounded funny. He eats city blocks and has musical digestion. The philosopher, laughing, peels off one mute and chooses another. Oozes another. From Above, the shadow of Shiva's right foot rocks, begins the cosmic dance."
-David Himmelstein

Steve Lacy
Brad Dutz -- "I was born in 1960 in Decatur, Illinios, and I still took up music"
Gerry Hemingway

"Just as we reach the curry house, a woman stumbles out and vomits copiously into the gutter in front of us. I freeze in horror, but Gerry is unperturbed. 'Hmm,' he drawls, heading for the door, 'looks like my kind of place."
- Graham Lock

Ani Difranco

"I've been particularly Ani Difranco. I think she's absolutely incredible.... I think she's a fabulous musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist and artist. I'm particularly moved by the content of her work."
- Gerry Hemingway

Anthony Davis
European Free Improvisation Pages • the most comprehensive information source on the European improvising scene
Dream Of The Elders
Rainier Maria Rilke
Morton Feldman
David Tudor
Harry Partch
John Coltrane
Eric Dolphy
Labels/Performance Spaces
Circumvention Music • San Diego based label
Accretions • Local experimental record label
Zu Casa • Online laboratory for experimental music
Vinyl Communications • San Diego based label
Cryptogramophone Records • Jeff Gauthier's L.A. based record label
Ninewinds Records • Vinny Golia's L.A. based record label
Tzadik • John Zorn's N.Y. based label
Spruce Street Forum • San Diego performance space
San Diego New Music • best place in San Diego to be told you're not new music because you don't fit in someones little box definition of what new music is
Galoka • San Diego performance space/restaurant/art space
Sushi • performance and visual art space
Ducky Waddles