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cover art - Return to One - Firecliffs

Disc One

  1. starsong
  2. all is silent
  3. something bright for a dark corner
  4. kaleidoscope moon II
  5. kaleidoscope moon III
  6. lonesome tree
  7. connections (you are)

Disc Two

  1. secrets (for stella)
  2. kaleidoscope moon I
  3. october calm
  4. bright lights
  5. lonesome tree
  6. firecliffs

"....This ensemble has no interest in sitting still since the new compositions on this CD propel the motivic development into the extreme depths of solemnity as well as soaring to the heights of violent rapture."
-- Curtis Glatter/Flexus Music

Return to One - Hopes and Dreams


  1. achieving
  2. bells for you
  3. a search for truth (blues for sdsu)
  4. josh jones
  5. dreams of a new day
  6. hopes and dreams
  7. solitary lines (delineation of a circular motive)
  8. bouts of doubts (for eric)
  9. silverfish

Hopes and Dreams finds RTO continuing their integration of improvisation with notated material and extended structures. A wide range of Nathan Hubbards compositions are featured, from the orchestral size of a search for truth to the open groove of josh jones to the simplistic beauty of bells for you. The CD also finds a new level of harmonic sophistication with special guest, pianist Rick Helzer, on three tracks.

Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard Duo - Level 3


  1. the moon is almost full
  2. bells and spheres
  3. the winding way
  4. mainframe/resistance
  5. last refuge
  6. firm believer
  7. for pat pfiffner
  8. the voice of reason?
  9. morning has arrived

(from the liner notes) "This music is a document of our friendship, our backgrounds, our teachers and mentors as well as where we are today. It continues our interests in an expanded sound language, new modes of interaction, electronic possibilities and acoustic/spatial relationships. The music is simply a soundtrack to what we live. Thank you for joining us."

Return to One - Promises


  1. wind (standing waves)
  2. dancing horses (on the wall)
  3. the leaf song
  4. the freeway
  5. in her garden/all is silent
  6. castles in the clouds
  7. who are those guys? #3
  8. blurred image
  9. parabolic flower
  10. promises
  11. the checkerboard

Return to One's debut CD, all compositions inspired by the paintings of Stella Hubbard. From the delicate to the powerful.

This is beautiful -- Jess Wintje
...should appeal to listeners who want to be taken to new places. -- San Diego New Music Letter

Ordering Information

CD’s may be ordered directly from Return to One.
Make checks out to Nathan Hubbard at $10 per CD plus a $3 handling charge.

Send payment to:
Return to One
916 Brittany Rd.
Encinitas, CA 92024